Second Time Around

As you all are aware, I am in the anxiety ridden, torturous process of applying for a Disney Professional Internship. I say anxiety ridden and torturous because there is SO  MUCH WAITING! I generally like to think of myself as a patient person, but this is testing my limits! Not that it makes me want… Continue reading Second Time Around


We All Scream for Phone Screens!

SO! I don't know if I just got lucky, people have been throwing Pixie Dust at me, or what, but A week ago, today, I got an email requesting that I sign up for an initial phone screen! LIKE WUT I'm going to be very honest with you guys. I cried.  But after freaking out… Continue reading We All Scream for Phone Screens!

College Program VS. Professional Internship

Alrighty Ladies and Gents! Welcome back, and thank you for bearing with me as I start these next few weeks of posts and experiences to share. I mentioned in the post before that I would be explaining the couple Disney Professional Internships (or, PI) that I have, or will be applying for, and more about… Continue reading College Program VS. Professional Internship