Housing Registration

Alright guys,

I am going to be completely honest here. I love Disney. I love the mouse, the company and everything that It has ever stood for and all it will.


But Housing Registration greatly tested my patience.

And I am a very patient person!


The five of us have all our emails pretty much on the forefront of our minds, as many DCPers do when the arrival date starts getting close, and since we also have GroupMe, it keeps us very close knitted when we need it. So, as soon as the Housing email was sent, we were all talking about what to do next.


And then we read further down the email and find out that all you can link up to is two other people. There are five of us. Not three. So cue the Panic Button.


For those of you not familiar with how Disney does their housing, here’s kind of a quick run down in the easiest language I possibly can.


——    Alright, so how Disney Housing works is by way of DORMS.com (Disney Online Resident Management System). You are given your Dorms login information pretty early on, so you end up accepting the program and all that encompasses it. Once you login it gives you three buttons to choose from: Program Acceptance, Education Registration, and Housing Registration. Obviously each button is pretty self explanatory to where it will take you. Once you choose housing, it will just give you some basic info to fill out and stuff. THEN, it gives you the option to “be adventurous” and have them choose a roommate for you or, “I know who I want to room with”. And all that fun stuff. But I am getting off track.

The way Disney does its housing is dependent on your arrival date and what they have available. So earlier arrival dates had more ability to link with their preferred roommates. When you are emailed about the housing registration being open, you are given your own personal Roommate Number, which I sense is pretty much just your bar code. Because let’s face it, at this moment, Disney owns your soul. You type in your number along with your roommates number and click next.

It should be noted that Disney will keep reminding you that there is NO GUARANTEE that your preferences can end up happening. There haven’t been too many sob stories that I have heard of, but things do happen.

Once you click next, you are asked to rank your options of what you want via complex/bedroom number/person count. It does list every single option and you have to rank them in the order you do choose. Otherwise, you can’t complain when things go wrong. From there, once you click next, it will take you to a copy of what you wrote and listed. Once you double and TRIPLE check your information and click next, it gives you a barcode for which they will check you in on check in day.

See? I was right, The Mouse does own your soul.




For people who haven’t met their roommates, this is a perfectly fine option. But for us, it sent us into a panic. The idea of us not experiencing this together was just devastating. Kelly and Theresa had read on the FaceBook page however, that some people split their group up and then made sure that their ranks were exactly the same. So that’s what we did. We split 2 and 3 and ranked them. The next morning I wrote an email to housing and then also called to make sure we did everything right. And while they still couldn’t guarantee that we are going to be together, they made it clear that they believe that we did everything right and will have a higher chance to be together.


While we could be freaking out still about everything that COULD go wrong. we are seeing everything that has gone RIGHT. And that’s what really matters. I know that everything will fall as it may and all I can do is just have faith and trust in what they may do and hope that Tink can offer just enough pixie dust to create this miracle for all of us.



Speaking of Miracles……




It’s great ain’t it?


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