Move In Day

I’m not one to say goodbye. I haven’t ever had a good experience with one and I was not about to go through an emotional breakdown before I embarked on the next chapter of this ‘Magical’ story. I drove down here to Florida with my dad, who is a Quaker, and knew that if I wanted a long, drawn-out goodbye, I wasn’t going to get it here.


But now I’m here, and I am surrounded by the most unique string of people that has come together to create a community of DisNerds. There are some people you will look at and wonder;



And there are some people you just see and automatically know that they are Disney fanatics. (As you grow and mature in your fandom, you start recognizing the signs of your people)


It’s all just very overwhelming. But, on the uphand, there are another thousand college-aged kids that are feeling just as freaked out and overwhelmed, so you’re never truly alone in feeling like a fish out of water. The people that are in charge as well are probably some the most helpful and kind beings you will ever be in contact with. It makes being far from home a lot easier, at least for me.


I know I haven’t written in a long time, as things have been quite the crazy ride these first couple days, but since this is my day off before all hell breaks loose for real, I figured I would go ahead and write how everything has been going for this experience so far.

(and don’t worry, I’ll do an entire separate posting for Traditions, but I can’t give too much away)


First day was crazy to say nonetheless, but also very fun and rewarding. I waited in line for maybe forty-five minutes with Berenice and Maria, until we got split up due to our last names. That line going into the main lobby where you get your work assignment, is probably the most nerve-wracking experience I have gone through since finding out I was accepted. I didn’t get my first choice placement for my merchandise role, but there’s none to fear! I have the most magical job. And that’s as much as I can tell you about that right now.


From finding out your work location, you head to the housing thing, where they tell you who and where you are going to be living with for the next four months, and yes, this is also a unnerving thing to go through. My heart sank a bit finding out that I was placed at the infamous Vista Way apartments, but I am determined as all else to make due with the time I have. I was still able to be with all the girls, which was a miracle in and of itself, and we also were placed with a new girl, Claudia.


Imagine my reservations.


I got to the apartment, unloaded and all and also ran into this new girl.


By George, she is tall….

and one of the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life, inside and out.


By the flip of a coin, she and I were placed in a room together, and at first, of course, I was a little scared, but once she came back with her family, and we all started talking, I knew I lucked out. She fits in with all of our crazy souls in the best ways. And I am so lucky and thankful to have met her.


After Casting (pretty much all the background stuff you could possibly imagine) I arrived back, unpacked some more and waited for everyone to get home. Once 2402 was all back in its place, we headed out to Beaches and Cream to tackle the ever-so-famous Kitchen Sink.


If you are new to Disney World, like Cece is, then you are never going to be prepared for the sight of the Kitchen Sink. It is almost every flavor of ice cream piled up in a legit kitchen sink with every topping they have, oh….and an entire can of whip cream.


Needless to say, I didn’t have much and I white flagged after a tiny bowl and a half. But the other girls kept trucking along and defeated that thing in what I consider to be record time. We came back and pretty much konked out in a minute.


Next day was learning all about housing, which I was the only one in my apartment to do this at 1pm instead of 4…fun right? Anyway, it was just kind of a welcome event and letting you know what you can and cannot do while living in the Disney Housing units. Self Explanatory. We went on an excursion to Walmart, came back and unloaded, and then because we were lazy, went and bought Panera to eat before going and embarking to resort hop.


Resort hopping is much different than Park hopping, The resorts are considered what would be the ‘hotels’ and such, and here at the Walt Disney Resort, there is much to be said about each of their resorts, from the economy to the Grand Floridian, which happened to be the first one we explored. And let me just tell you, the Grand Floridian is renowned here in Orlando as the most expensive Disney hotel, and for quite a good reason too! It was absolutely stunning, equipped with lavish decorations and banisters, a piano man that played beautiful renditions of classic Disney songs, and a band too boot! It was breathtaking and I think Cece is determined to live there one way or another.


From there we went to Contemporary, which is the first WDW resort that was created, its simple, but also quite amazing. I mean, there’s a monorail that goes through it, how much cooler can you get?! We just quickly stopped by the store that was located there and were off to the Polynesian.


In my opinion, thus far, the Poly has to be my absolute favorite of them all. Granted, after visiting the three… makes three that I’ve ever been to. But it is decorated with these wood structures that really gets you into the feeling that you have been transported to another land entirely. It’s beyond amazing.




And I tried my first dole whip to boot. It was awesomesauce.


We watched Wishes from one of the places on the resort, since we hadn’t obtained our ID’s to be able to really go into the parks without paying. And even without hearing much of the music, it was still crazy touching.


We came home and sat in the living room for about five hours and talked. And it was apparent that these group of girls were going to turn out to be my family here, even more than I originally expected.


The next day was a day off for us, so we slept in for most of the day. And that was about it.


Next morning, Berenice, Maria and I had traditions. Which required us to board the bus at 6:55 in the morning. So much fun. But really, traditions was amazing. Tiring, but amazing. The three of us came back and took a much needed 4 hour nap.


Since the other three girls had traditions at a later time, our nap pretty much just took up the time that they were there, once back we got dressed again and headed to the first Housing Event that was hosted for our move in date.


Holy Pachessus, it was awesome.


There are so many cultures here that you are forced to be immersed into this different mindset that everyone is here because they want to. So much fun. I can’t even really figure out how else to describe it, but I know I made the right choice by being here.


Of course I miss home, I miss my friends, my Dork, my cats, but I know that being here is going to strengthen me to the highest level and allow me to pursue my dream of eventually becoming a part of the Disney family for the rest of my life. Disney saved me, and it’s my turn to pay them back for keeping me here.



See Ya Reel Soon!


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