Moving On

In a lighter side of the dark that I experienced, I have henceforth moved into a new apartment with new girls that have already been so accepting of me and my past and want to be a part of my future. They come by my room and ask questions about how I am doing and if I need anything, and for once, I am getting the feeling I really wanted from this program.




Contrary to popular belief, acceptance is something that is kind of hard to feel when you have been in the background all your life. It takes a lot of courage and kindness to step up and say something loud enough to be heard and recognized. And I am in a place now that allows me to do that. I find myself excited to get up in the morning and socialize at breakfast and watch Friends. I look forward to going on excursions with these girls, as they have included me already in so much. I am so lucky that God has graced me with this second chance to truly get all that I can out of this program and hopefully get some friends that I can always remember and keep in touch with.


In life there are ups and downs. And it’s up to us individually to decide whether or not we let that affect our lives completely. I have forgiven the people for things that were said and done that one night, but I will never forget the words and actions either. They spoke louder than any other words they had said before.


I am stronger than I seem, braver than I believe, and smarter than I think I am.


And I will carry on.


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