Welcoming Me Back To Indiana

Welcome Back! Mostly to myself, but alas, I do have to welcome back everyone who has followed this crappy blog for the duration that I remembered to write. As you can assume, I am back from the Land of the Mouse, and I am at war with myself on whether I am happy or sad that that is the situation. Don’t get me wrong, I love being back on campus and finally getting stuff done with my education, but I miss my friends there. And the money…good lord I miss paychecks every Thursday….


I do apologize for not keeping up with my writing, but as you can imagine, the last couple months of my program were crazy to say the least. I did not forget about you all, I just had no time in between sleeping and working. But I am back now, so, back to posting.

As you all can probably already see, I have changed things around here. My blog is no longer dedicated to Disney fully and I have changed the name of the website. It was a change that I thought was best for me and for the future of this blog. From time to time I will reference the program or tell stories and reflect on what I have learned. But I am moving forward and would like to be able to share my expedition through life as I learn who I am really meant to be and what I am meant to do.


Because Yes. I am 20 years old and still have no clue.


I cannot remember if I stated this in a previous post, but I have switched my major from communication to secondary education, my main focus being in English. Fitting right? Getting to write and read for the rest of my life? Seems pretty baller to me. Is it exactly what I want to do?

[long pause and staring into the distance]


That is the question isn’t it? But as far as I am in school already, I figure I just need to stick with it and get the damn piece of paper and figure it out from there. I am taking quite my fair share of classes this semester and am bound to find out more about teaching than I ever did from my mom and dad, and whether I like it or not – that’s what I am doing. Whoo. Paying bills. Being adult. (Be prepared for many rants of the idiocrasy of adulthood).


I digress. I promise there is a meaning for this post, I’m just providing a buildup.


So. The Disney College Program. Fall 2015.


I Survived.


Well, to be honest it really wasn’t that terrible. Certain circumstances made the first part of my program not as magical as what I wanted it to be, and instead of shaking it off and just continuing with life, I let it inhibit my experience. And for that, is no one else’s fault but my own. The people involved were catalysts but I honestly can’t sit here and blame them fully for the way I look back on this. And that’s where I come to the biggest thing the program helped me do.


Grow up.


It’s ironic really that I learned how to grow up in a place where you’re supposed to be a kid.

But that’s just how the cookie crumbles in this story.


Being a part of the WOD Squad (World of Disney for those of you who can’t acronym) was one of the best experiences. I met so many wonderful and beautiful people that I wish I had had more time with. I have never really been one to have friends or feel like I belonged in any sort of group, but when I was at work, and outside of work, I did. People would come up and talk to me. Say hello. Knew my name. And in a store as big as WOD, that’s a huge thing in and of itself.


It’s odd really, how I was looking so forward to coming home. To the family and faces that I had left behind, but now, twenty days later, I miss them. I miss learning about their homes and their lives. I miss breakroom chats about guests and the tv. I miss the familiarity that I had created for so long. I don’t miss the hours all that much, but the people? I think I will always miss the people.


Honestly I could go on and on about the things I learned about myself, the company, and life through this program. But I think cramming them all into one post would be a little overwhelming for everyone, so I digress about DCP for now.


As a New Year’s thing for me, I promise to try and write more. I know it’s really just me, my mom and my sister that reads this, but, hey. If I can get one person to see this page and read and learn something, I have done my job.




Live long and prosper my young padawans.


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