Disney Auditions – March 2015







Channeling my inner Rapunzel right now as I sit down after a long day in Columbus, OH filled with amazing (and crazy beautiful) people at none other than – DISNEY AUDITIONS!!!!! Honestly, I came in with the idea that they were going to line us up and tell me I was too chubby to do anything, and all the girls would be catty and leave me out of things, but I was gladly mistaken. The directors were sweet and helpful, the vibe was crazy amazing and the people there were just as much of the magic as anything. I figure I will take a bit and tell you about my personal experience with this audition and hopefully it will help dissipate the rumors you may have heard before!

Alright! Here we goooooooo!


My audition was supposed to begin check-in at 10 in the morning. Online it will tell you NOT to arrive until at least 30min. before your check-in time. Because of Daylight-Savings time and the fact that I live four hours away from Columbus, we drove in the night before and stayed at a nearby town’s hotel (because somehow Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to be in Columbus too and take up all the hotel space). We had a few minor difficulties in the morning as all families do (mainly my parents) but in all we made it to the dance studio around 9:17 in the morning. Why do I remember this time? No idea.

Anyway, I saw lots of girls already going in and decided “What the hee-haw, I’ll go in too”. And proceeded to do just that. when I got in, there was a pretty decent looking line and met a couple girls whom I chatted with for a while until we got into the check-in table, which is just them having you type in your name, whether you are a College Programer (CP) or a person looking for a full-time entertainment role at the Disney Resorts (this particular audition was strictly for the Walt Disney World Resort). And then of course, the email in which to contact you with. From there we were placed into ‘holding rooms’ until 10:30. OH! By the way, I was number 39 in case you were wondering.

In my particular holding room, I sat with the couple girls I had arrived with and talked for a while until we all felt a little awkward and one of the girls who had obviously had more experience at these things than I, arranged a “Down By the Banks” hand game circle and we did that for a long time. Again, a memory I won’t soon forget.  From there we were called in to the main dance floor where we learned our first exercise. This particular one was for a parade.

It was a simple routine that we repeated four times across the floor in groups of four. (Unless you were my groups and we overachieved and did five…oops). After that came the first cut.




My heart literally could be heard at least two miles away and I may have started sweating profusely when they got to the thirties – I was sure it wasn’t going to be me. But God had heard my prayers and number 39 was called. We were thence put in another holding room for about an hour where I really got to meet a lot of people. The dances aren’t intimidating. Neither are the casting directors or performing. It’s the sheer fact that all of these people that came to the auditions are SO DANG BEAUTIFUL. To someone who already has a low self esteem, this was the roughest part of the day. However, the group of girls I sat with were very welcoming and I appreciated the talks that we had. One of the girls are even in merchandise, which would be the role I would be in if I don’t get asked to be a part of entertainment. And there was also a girl who looked almost exactly like Leighton Meeister. Not kidding you. She was gorgeous and I was jelly(though we may end up roommates).

After about an hour in the holding room they came in and gave us forms to fill out. We were all officially in the running to be a character performer. ANYONE! LIKE LE GASP! And from there we went out to learn yet another dance!

Before doing this dance though, our choreographer for the day informed us that in between takes of the routine, we would be acting! Or rather improvising a scene without words; like charades. Granted this was right up my alley, so I wasn’t too freaked. She gave us two scenarios and in between those we would be doing, in my opinion, one of the more difficult audition dances that I have done in a long time, and I do stuff at the Biz, which is cray cray. We did those dances and audition parts in groups of five and then were lined up in front of the casting director as he made notes and then everyone was excused from there!

All in all it was an amazing day full of amazing experiences. But here are some tips I have for you today

Dress Comfortably – in any blog you read about these auditions it will tell you to wear workout clothes, and not do much make up or hair. These blogs would be right, as I sweated a lot and so did about every other person there. They want to make sure you can sweat and look pretty.

Exude Confidence – I am not the most confident person in myself as I have stated before, but I stuck my neck out and took a chance because this audition meant the world to me. If you exude confidence, then you will be successful. They can taste timid.

Always Smile and Act Through Dancing – If you ask any director I have had for musicals, they will tell you I am not the best dancer. However, I always act in my face. I make my smile and my reactions larger than life so they pay attention to my face rather than my flailing body. 9 times out of 10 it works.

Meet People – I know some people have this thought of how they “aren’t there to make friends” but ummm, hello….this is Disney! Put yourself out there and meet some of these beautiful people!!! They are literally some of the most talented and amazing people you will meet.

HAVE FUN! – Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t psych yourself out with taking the audition too seriously. Disney is full of hardworking cast members who always have fun doing their job. If you have fun, everyone around you will feel that happiness and then no matter what happens, it will be a great time.

I hope that helped!!!! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Have A Magical Day


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