THEY’RE UP!!!!!! THEY’RE UP!!!!!!

What’s up?

The Disney Professional Internship applications!

What does that mean?

It means that I can start gathering as much information about the programs that Disney offers for its internships, and what I need to start doing in school to make sure that I am able to achieve whatever is possible for me to. The different ones that I may talk about are going to be more around my line of interest or future occupation, meaning that they will typically include communication elements, or creativity. Thankfully, Disney does offer a pluthera of different options for people, so if you have different interests or skill sets, will be able to give you the rundown of all that is available.

I started gathering info last summer when I started my third year of college. I wanted to make sure that I was going to get myself into classes that I wanted to take, and those that could help out in making my resume look great for internship reasons. I started finding a few, but as I revisited this time around, I found that some internships that were offered for the Spring of 2017 were not up for applications for the Fall of 2017. Internships such as the Disney Fairytale Weddings Professional Internship. Now, this isn’t exactly where I want to focus myself on, but I do have a few friends that are interested in this area and are bummed that it hasn’t shown up yet – But that’s not to say that it won’t sometime.

The biggest things that I have noticed in skimming through the duties, responsibilities, and preferred qualifications is that being bilingual is a huge additive for you. I, sadly, am not fluent in anything else but Disney and English. I know some Spanish, but only communicational. I don’t know if that will hinder me in the future when I apply, but, I know if I were to be fluent, that could help my chances.

There also are a few internships that require a certain GPA (grade point average). Some are only a 2.0, while others, perhaps more challenging ones, require a 3.0. For people like me who had a rough semester coming back from my College Program (and honestly a rough first semester of college period), my GPA has suffered to a greater extent. To be fair with myself, I may not get myself up to a 3 by the time I graduate. I may, but mathematically, the chances are slim. Now, just because they want you to have a 3.0 and you don’t, doesn’t mean that you are automatically out of the running. Or, that there aren’t just as amazing jobs for you elsewhere in the company that maybe don’t require having a certain GPA. Which brings me to another segment that I have uncovered, the Alumni Only internships.

I have found that Disney really caters to its Program Participants that did their jobs and made a good mark on their line of work. There are a bunch of DCP Alumni Only Professional Internships that don’t require a specific GPA, but do offer you the same amount of opportunity that the others did. Some, I will be frank, are easier by just surface skimming, but some are really awesome opportunities – Like being a Traditions coordinator.

If you are familiar to how being a Cast Member works, then you know that Traditions is a BIG DEAL. It’s your first introduction to you being a part of the company, your first ears as a Cast Member handed to you by the Big Cheese himself, and your personalized nametag. You also tour Magic Kingdom and learn more about what Walt wanted for his dream. It’s an amazing and humbling experience for any Disney, or Walt Disney fanatic.

Applying for these internships, however, prove to have their struggles. My roommate from my college program is a year older than me and is applying for them now (she was one of the people kind of bummed that the Fairytale Weddings hasn’t been posted yet). She’s come across some hard things in applying, but, I think that is meant to be the big difference in the College Program versus the Professional Internships.

The Disney College Program is like a first step into what working with the company could be like in a part-time life. (Though, you’re technically working a full-time schedule). The jobs offered are ones that are general park or resort jobs, like merchandise, entertainment, attractions, and housekeeping. They don’t really delve into the back workings of the company, though you are offered the perks of seeing the ‘backstage magic’.

In the context of the Professional Internships, this isn’t exactly the case. For most of the openings, you are in management position, in charge of other people – or, you’re working in a high stakes area where there are experts and full-time workers that have been in their positions for years that are relying on you. They can’t exactly accept every single person who comes in. It seems harsh I’m sure when you get a rejection email, but, perhaps in the recruiter’s eyes, you weren’t exactly what they were looking for. Which brings me to my next point – to have options.

I haven’t even begun to apply yet. I have no desire to until I am getting ready to graduate, but I have started my research and am reading up on all sorts of things in preparation for when it does become time for me to apply ‘for-realsies’. I started a Word Document copying and pasting all the openings that intrigue me and that I qualify for, and have about 20-25 options for me. The reality of it all is, though, I could very well get rejected for 19-22 of them. Or even them all! These internships are crazy competitive, and I don’t say that to scare you, I say it to be completely honest. But don’t be discouraged! It never hurts to try.

That’s about it on what I have on the internships right now, but I am sure I will go more into detail about what options I have come into play with, and things that may deal more with the creativity-based and communication-based options. You, of course, are welcome to read them, but mostly the next bits of internship info that pertains specifically to a specific application will more than likely deal with those.


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