Fan-Tasty Dining

As Fantasyland is one of the larger lands, and more popular, I am going to split up dining with everything else. There’s just so much to say!!!!!

When you think of Magic Kingdom, I’m sure you picture Cinderella’s Castle, and maybe think of Dumbo, the Flying Elephant, or flying above London with Peter Pan. If any of those came to your mind at first, then you are right up the alley for Fantasyland. Magic, and fantasy, beauty, majesty…if you’ve ever wanted to feel like royalty, stroll through the colorful stones of Fantasyland and it’s like you’ve gotten the court of your dreams.

As per usual, I reiterate the fact that you should take your time walking through here. This ‘Land’ is a Photographer’s Dream! Almost everywhere you look there is a different place that would be great for a photo op. Always be on the lookout for the Disney Photopass Photographers, they will always be there to help you make the most of all of your family photos.

Enough with my photo talk, and on to the meat and potatoes! (Quite literally)




There are quite an array of options here for you in Fantasyland, and although most of them are Quick Service, there are two main restaurants that you are NOT going to want to miss. I am going to include some of my favorites here, so note that not all of the options are going to be listed here. For all dining options I suggest downloading the Disney World App, and selecting Magic Kingdom, and then Dining.


Pinocchio Village Haus(Quick Service) Delve into the olde-timey feel of Germany and Pinocchio’s magic at the Village Haus. It’s a traditional Italian/American Quick Service, but the atmosphere is really what makes this place so special and unique. There are many little rooms for you and your party to go and sit in, which is nice when you just want a little break from all the hustle and bustle outside. Some Dining Plans Accepted. Options here include: flatbread, chicken parmesan, Caesar salad, and tiramisu gelato (>$15 per adult)

Storybook Treats – (Quick Service) As this is like a counter-service dining area, there is no ‘inside’ to this ‘treatery’ (is that even a word)? But! The delicious eats served here are readily able to be enjoyed while walking around. There aren’t any actual ‘food’ options, but they serve soft-serve ice cream sundaes as well as other icy treats. (>$12 per adult) Dining Plan NOT Accepted


Gaston’s Tavern – (Quick Service) No One……Eats like Gaston! Makes huge cinnamon rolls like Gaston! In the far back of Fantasyland, Gaston’s Tavern is open for business, complete with a statue and fountain of the man himself, Gaston. And his trusted friend, LaFou. Inside is a burly tavern decorated with Gaston’s latest kills. Just as he likes. The food offered here is unique and definitely not-to-miss. I will even go as far as to say that LaFou’s Brew rivals the Butterbeer of another magical land (I’ll get to Universal Studios someday, I promise) (>$14 per adult)

Be Our Guest Restaurant – (Sit Down) I have beyond enough to say about this restaurant. As beautiful as it is, it is even moreso delicious. Honest. I have only been able to eat here once for breakfast, but even then, I was insanely impressed and left wanting more (sadly wasn’t able to due to my hours at work and hours I spent napping). That being said, there are tons of reviews on each meal course for this restaurant. And 9/10 are positive. For breakfast is traditional French fare with croissants, crepes, and of course – the infamous Mickey Waffle. You also get your pick of whether you want a soft drink, milk, or coffee, in which you get to serve yourself with (which to me was really cool for some reason). Lunch is next with the typically slower pace of people, along with a cheaper array of foods. That’s not saying however that it’s any less scrumptious. Options like roast beef, leek soup, and quinoa salad are available for a heavier price, but, lesser to those available at dinner. Lastly, there’s dinner. Which is the most coveted of times to stop by the castle because the Beast makes an appearance. This is the most expensive of the options, but offers a lot of delicious French-inspired cuisines, without having to monorail to Epcot for dinner. Ratatouille, roasted lamb chop, shrimp and scallops are among some of the few offered. ALSO! Alcoholic beverages are offered by glass and bottle. But, for the price, you are not just getting delicious food, you are getting an amazing experience. The structure of the inside of the Beast’s Castle is just….gorgeous. You are taken into the movie, and shown the ballroom that Belle and the Beast shared their Tale as Old as Time. You can also explore the ‘foyer’ and the infamous West Wing – complete with a wilting rose. You will NOT be disappointed. For families or couples wanting to experience the ‘castle’ feel, this is the cheapest option between Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table. Dining Plans Accepted. (<$24 per adult)


Cinderella’s Royal Table – (Dine-in) Have you ever wondered what Cinderella does on her days off? She hosts parties in her Dining Hall of the castle along with her other princess friends. This restaurant, like Be Our Guest, offers three options of dining – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. If you look up the menu online, you will notice that there are no prices. That would be because the general rule of thumb that the base prices for this restaurant are pretty high and change on the fly. Typically you aren’t really just paying for the food (though it is amazingly delicious), but you’re also paying for the experience. Not everyone can say they went and ate in Cinderella’s Castle and got to meet all of the princesses. No. Wait. Line. Now princesses that are in high demand (like Elsa and Anna) don’t usually come by, since they’re needed in Arendelle. But, Ariel steps out from under the sea to see you on her human legs, along with Jasmine and your other favorites – and, of course, Cinderella meets you downstairs to welcome you to her castle. But let’s talk about food for a moment. The food is delicious. And you pay a base price on lunch and dinner for an entire three course meal. You choose an appetizer, entrée, and then have a choice of dessert. Yes, Dinner, as per usual, is the most expensive, but for those really wanting that whole magical immersive experience, the money is more than worth it. (> $60 per adult)




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