Fantasyland Attractions

Alrighy folks! Strap in and hold on tight! We’re gonna go through Fantasyland’s best and greatest attractions and rides. And some tips and tricks to make your day even more magical.

Let’s go with rides first.


It’s A Small World(FP+) “It’s a world of laughter and a world of tears…” You will not be able to ever get this song out of your head after this, but it’s worth it. Small World has been a classic Disney ride since the beginning – actually, from before Land or World were ever created.

*Story Time* Walt Disney was in charge of a couple pavilions during the 1964 World’s Fair. He had a pavilion that was centered around the advancement of technology (Carousel of Progress), Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln (this started out as its own ride and then turned into the Hall of Presidents), And then It’s a Small World that was based for Pepsi-Cola and a salute to UNICEF. These pavillions meant a lot to Disney and how he pursued it in the World’s Fair would generate back to how people would view his park.

Alright, back to the ride. There’s more than one good thing about Small World. For one – this is Florida. There’s usually like a 75% chance every day that there is going to be a random rainstorm. Where do you take cover? Why not indoors on a nice water ride that takes you through the world with super cute dolls singing to you in different languages. And the biggest one – this is a fantastic – Fantastic – ride for little ones. To cool down, to take a break, or to ride when the older sibling is off on a big-kid ride. The line is also typically really short, and fast moving because each boat takes about 10 guests. This is a dark, indoor water ride, but you won’t get wet, and there aren’t any scary parts to it (unless the dolls singing scare you). This is one of my favorite classic rides – I personally wouldn’t miss this (Average Wait Time: 10-15 minutes)

Peter Pan’s Flight – (FP+) Again, this is a classic favorite amongst avid Disney-goers. I vaguely remember riding this back when I went with my whole family for an actual vacation and not a band visit. Granted, that was like…19 years ago. So I was two. And I was afraid of it. Mostly because it was dark. So there’s a good point to parents visiting – this is a dark ride. It’s not necessarily scary per say, but, just know it could be. On this ride, you fly in your own pirate ship through the story of Peter Pan with Wendy Darling, John, Michael, and Captain Hook. It’s a cute little ride, however, unless you are a die-hard Peter Pan fan or needing to get out of the weather, it’s one that could be missed (please don’t hate me!).The wait time is always unpredictable, but on a day to day basis of checking up on it, it tends to be on the longer side. However, they recently renovated the que line to make the wait a little more bearable and interactive so that the kids can be a bit more….bearable themselves. (Average Wait Time: 45-60 minutes)

Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel – I love carousels. But that’s also just me. There’s this carousel in Disney World and one in Disneyland – the one in Disneyland is modeled after the fairgrounds that his daughters used to ride when he was still coming up with ideas for Disneyland. There are even some original horses located on the Disneyland interpretation of this classic ride. This is a straightforward ride that can definitely appeal to the younger audiences and their parents. It’s whimsical and fun and will put you in the little kid spirit for sure. (Average Wait Time – 5-10 minutes)

Seven Dwarves Mine Train – (FP+) Alright. So this ride has become a big-kid favorite. But. Aside from the queue line, I honestly wasn’t that impressed with it. It was a cool ride that was very detailed to the story and an interesting take on the Dwarves, but thrill wise – I wasn’t impressed. If I am being completely honest with you all here, then I don’t think this is a ride that you should have to wait more than 45 minutes for. That being said, if you really want to wait that long and enjoy the queue line, and are really into Snow White, then you may love this ride! This is just my opinion. It’s a fun ride, but not the best that MK has to offer you. (Average Wait Time – 80-100 minutes)

Under the Sea; Journey of the Little Mermaid – (FP+) Perfect ride for little ones. It usually isn’t a very long line, but for the length of the ride, it’s not too shabby. For this ride you board a Clammobile and take a journey through the Little Mermaid’s story all the way to the happy ending! Complete with musical numbers!!! It’s a simple and fun ride that will allow you to recharge with little ones, or even older ones. It’ll also get you out of the sun or rain, which is always a plus. This is not a thrill ride, however, so if that’s the kind of ride that you are into, this is not your ride. (also, look for the Hidden Mickey’s in the walls of the grotto!) (Average Wait Time – 15-30 minutes)

Mad Tea Party – (FP+) Don’t Be Late for this Very Important Date! This is also a classic Disney ride that debuted in Disneyland when it opened in 1959 – and it has stayed a classic for a reason. I haven’t been able to ride this one in a hot minute as it gives my mom seasickness, but, it’s fun anyway! This is a fun family ride for all ages, it’s a spinning ride in tea cups that can go as fast or slow as your family wants. Lots of laughter and smiles are in store, I highly recommend. (Average Wait Time – 5-15 minutes)


That’s it for the actual rides here, but there’s still more to do!!! There are many other entertainment based attractions in Fantasyland.



Enchanted Tales With Belle – (FP+) It obviously is worth noting that this attraction has Fast Pass+ ability, but is not a ride. Similar to meeting characters, this just has you in a smaller line that allows you into the attraction earlier. ETWB takes you through the story of Beauty and the Beast , but with YOU as the stars!! It’s a super fun and interactive attraction that will have you giggling and ‘awe-ing’ to pieces. This is absolutely perfect for smaller kids that want to meet Belle, but not wait so long in a line to meet her. (Average Wait Time- 20 minutes)

Mickey’s PhilharmagicTHIS IS A FAVORITE!!!!! It’s not a ride, but it is such an amazing experience that you do not want to miss. Mickey’s Philharmagic is kind of like Muppets in 3D in Hollywood Studios, where you sit down and are presented with a 3D experience that gets all the senses going. This one takes you through all of the most magical songs that Disney has to offer. (Average Wait Time – 10 Minutes)

Royal Majesty Makers – I have never personally been able to experience this for myself, but if you look it up on YouTube, it’s really cute. The premise is, that this Lord and Lady of Fantasyland are coming to help make little prince and princesses into Fantasyland Royalty. There is no wait line and no cost, but it’s an experience that happens in the courtyard of New Fantasyland. On My Disney Experience, there are showtimes presented, and directions to where they will specifically be.


Everyone’s favorite part of the Disney World experience – meeting their favorite movie characters and seeing them come to life. Fantasyland is one of the more populated areas for these beloved characters to hang about, so I decided to make a list of the ones you can meet, and where. BUT!! Always check the My Disney Experience App for the times that they will be out, depending on whether or other experiences going on during the day, there could be changes. Those Marked with an (*) mean that they are featured outside, which could indicate changing times or appearances.

  • Alice *
    • Mad Tea Party
  • Anastasia, Drizella, and Lady Tremaine *
    • By Castle Walls
  • Ariel
    • Ariel’s Grotto
  • Cinderella
    • Princess Fairytale Hall
  • Elena
    • Princess Fairytale Hall
  • Gaston *
    • By Gaston’s Tavern
  • Merida *
    • Fairytale Garden
  • Peter Pan *
    • Neverland Map
  • Princess Tiana
    • Princess Fairytale Hall
  • Rapunzel
    • Princess Fairytale Hall
  • Winnie the Pooh and Tigger *
    • Hundred Acre Woods (Winnie the Pooh Ride)


These are some of the best things to do with your loved ones – or even by yourself!!! Don’t miss these experiences!


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