Storybook Circus Awaits

As you may have noticed, I didn’t include the Storybook Circus area in with the Fantasyland. I did this for two reasons –

  • It was going to be too long of a post, and you guys probably would have gotten bored.
  • This particular area of Fantasyland has been specifically engineered to be generated to a younger audience, and it seemed best to make a new post

So, here we are, and here we go!


Storybook Circus, as aforementioned, is a sub area of Fantasyland, it takes after the old-time circus that is depicted in Dumbo, hence why Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride now resides here. Ideally, this area is for smaller kids that need a break from all the people and get some of the mid-day wiggles out.

With the Casey Jr. Splash ‘n Soak Station, this allows your little elephants to get that Splash Mountain Experience without the big drop. It also allows Mom and Dad to take a bit of a break from walking and watch them ham it out with other Disney lovers.




Dumbo the Flying Elephant: (FP+) A classic beloved by all ages, this Dumbo ride was reimagined in 2013 as a part of New Fantasyland. It expanded the ride to two parts, and added an interactive queue for kids of all ages to explore while you wait – and to be honest, it’s not that long of a wait on a typical day. Soar high above Fantasyland to experience the thrill of being the Flying Elephant. (Average Wait Time – 30-45 min)

The Barnstormer(FP+) This is a classic Kiddie Coaster, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun! Fly through the air with Goofy as you explore his silly doings. Gwarsh! It’s fun! (Average Wait Time – 15-25 min)



Inside Pete’s Silly Slideshow, you will find some of your favorite pals, dressed in character for the Circus. The wait lines are typically really low, depending on the day, and the area surrounding it is one to definitely experience! Here you can meet

  • Daisy Duck
  • Donald Duck
  • Goofy
  • Minnie Mouse

Sadly, as you can tell, Mickey wasn’t able to be in attendance, but, he tends to be a pretty busy mouse on Main Street. (You can visit him in the Main Street Theater)

Lastly, another ‘not-to-miss’ place in Storybook Circus is the Big Top Souvenirs. I know it may seem kind of lame to mention a ‘gift shop’, but this one is more of an experience than just going in and seeing Mickeys and Plutos. Big Top also includes a bit of a ‘Mini Confectionary’ in the center of the tent. You can grab caramel apples, rice crispie Mickeys, and cotton candy! Just like you would at the circus!! The rest of the merchandise sold here is about the same that you may find elsewhere, but just the aura of the area is one to at least check out. Plus, it’s air conditioned – so that is always a plus!


I know this was a pretty short post, but I hope it helps to families out there that need a little recharge!



The Fantasyland Railroad is also located here, but as of earlier 2017, it has been closed around the park for refurbishment.


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