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Hey guys, I am so sorry I have been MIA lately, I just keep getting sidetracked by school and applying for internships for the summer. BUT! No worries!! I am compiling some info on EPCOT – there’s just SO. MUCH. STUFF.

So let’s talk new. 

Everyone knows that Disney – whether it’s World or Land – is never going to be finished. But, for the sake of argument, let’s talk about World, shall we? A LOT of change is coming to Orlando, but in ability to make that change, some other attractions or areas had to be compromised. Just as Mickey’s Toontown was demolished to bring us New Fantasyland in 2012. (Still a little salty about that, if I am being completely honest)

But then again, maybe they’ll expand Magic Kingdom again to bring that back, or even bring some more futuristic rides to Tomorrowland.


Who knows?


So, if you’ve been watching T.V as of late, you know that in Animal Kingdom, perhaps the biggest change has happened since the opening day – it’s open later! WHAAAA? Jk, that’s been in place for a little bit, but to expound on all that’s going on in the Wild Side, the commercials are to promote the new ‘land’ coming to Animal Kingdom on May 27th – Pandora. Based on the James Cameron movie “Avatar”. Which was absolutely amazing way back when. And now with the help of the top Imagineers, it’s coming to life. Floating rocks and all. I, for one, am pretty stoked about this whole thing, especially concerning the fact that I loved Avatar to begin with.

Another that has come to DAK (Disney’s Animal Kingdom) that has already made its debut, is Rivers of Light. A Fantasmic plus Wishes rolled into Disney’s California Adventure’s Water Color thing. (Forgive me Dislanders, I have never been to Disneyland and am not as familiar with their lingo or offerings as I am with my home castle). Anyway, there’s been a lot of good talk about how Rivers of Light has gone over the past few nights of its airing. Obviously I haven’t been blessed enough to be able to see it (yet) but perhaps in 2018 I’ll be able to really experience all that there is to offer in DAK.

Now why has Disney decided to do this? To put it simply, they needed some more foot traffic. DAK hasn’t exactly had the best of reputations for being super thrilling. Granted, they do have the ride Dinosaur and Expidition Everest, but even in my own past experiences, after I ride those, I’m done, and it’s on to Hollywood Studios or something. But, by keeping the doors open longer and adding more to do, the intrigue strengthens, people come, they stay for longer, they rediscover what all DAK has to offer. It’s a win-win-win.

When I was down in Orlando for my College Program in 2015, my boyfriend came to visit me for a grand total of like, two and a half days – because that’s really all of us could afford. Anyway, after doing a full day in Magic Kingdom for the Christmas Party, we did all of the other three parks in one day. Which, btw, I do not advise you on doing. It’s not very fun. Anyway. So we did the morning part of the day in DAK (his personal favorite). And Oh. My. Gosh. I hasn’t ever really seen that much of DAK before and we didn’t even go through even half of it! But from that morning/afternoon on, I was hooked. I wasn’t able to get myself back over there after he left, but even still, I can’t wait to go back, experience Pandora and REALLY get to see DAK for what it has to offer.

It’s gorgeous. Explore it all.


Next up in our world of changes coming to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, we have Hollywood Studios. I have to tell you all, when I was down in my program, the worlds of Star Wars and Toy Story had just been announced that they would sometime take place, and their concept art was released. That was it. But, as you all know I have nothing else better to do when I have free time than look up what is going on in Disney around the world and changes and all that sort of stuff, I noticed that half of Hollywood Studios was gone.


On the My Disney Experience App, if you go and explore Hollywood Studios, it just ends after Toy Story Midway Mania and after The Muppet 3D experience. That’s not how it was when I was there. There was Streets of America and other stuff and my favorite store ever – Watto’s Grotto. AND IT WAS GONE!! I ALMOST CRIED GUYS!

But, as I said earlier, sometimes we have to let go of some things to allow for others to take its place.

So what is taking their place? I kind of gave it away, but Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land are going to make their appearances in their respective times – 2018 and 2019. (that of course, assuming that everything stays on track. But we can also knock on all the wood and wish on every star that they are finished even sooner.)

My guess is that Toy Story land is going to mirror that of Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea and Shanghai Disney. Every other Disney Park not in North America has at least a larger nod to the Pixar hit, so let’s hope that means the gang gets more notice and merchandise. Bring on all the merch people!! Maybe this also means that they’ll bring back the character interaction that when you would yell “Andy’s Coming!” they would drop to the floor….granted that’s just me wanting to live out being a toy, but – toys can dream too, right?

And then there is the small fandom that is Star Wars.



I kid.


Obviously, Star Wars has always had a big fan base. But, with the recent installment(s), they have really now taken flight (pun not intended….maybe). Anyway. The idea of having a Star Wars themed land has been in the works for ages, but they hadn’t acquired the rights to the Lucas Films and had the blessing from Papa George in order to take his world and make it a reality. Well….now they do. So what better time to expand on the Thrill-Ride central of the Walt Disney World Resort than in the midst of the finishing of the Skywalker saga?

By all the different research that I have done on the projection dates and so on, it is looking like the summer of 2019 that this port of galactic goodness is going to be opened to the public. But, as far as I can tell (with more of my research because I have no life outside of being a DisNerd) contruction has already been going pretty well, and they’re projecting vertical construction to start soon. (WHOO AGAIN MORE MERCH!)

As you can tell, I am pretty excited about these two new ‘lands’ coming to what is arguably my favorite park. Still can’t exactly pick a favorite, but this one comes very close.

As far as new areas coming into play in the Orlando area, that’s pretty much covers it. Perhaps in the next couple years Disney will decide to add a couple more countries to EPCOT. (Fun Fact: There is room for at least 7 more countries!)


So, what else is new?


If you’ve stayed any close up to date with the controversy of change coming to Disney, then you’ve probably had an earful of opinions surrounding the change of Wishes Nighttime Spectacular. Which, if you aren’t familiar with it, that’s the firework presentation that has been going on for the past…oh…almost 15 years that replaced the 23 year old Fantasy in the Sky. But, true to the phrase “We Keep Moving Forward…” they decided to keep the innovations going. Wishes will have its last run in May, and then be replaced by the fireworks show now titled “Happily Ever After”. Which part of the music has come up already, but I haven’t been able to spare enough time to listen to it yet. But when I do, expect a new post.

I am not going to lie, when I first heard about this change I was butt-hurt. I adore Wishes. And honestly, that could very well be an understatement. Everything that Wishes stood for was just beyond inspiring. I saw it the first night of me being officially a Cast Member and I don’t know if I ever cried so hard. I loved it. Wishes and Celebrate the Magic probably will forever live in my heart as my favorite Disney productions on my castle.


Yes, Mine.

Don’t judge.


This is also the time where I mention too, that Celebrate the Magic is also leaving us. If I am being completely honest again, I was probably more upset about this development as opposed to Wishes. Which is sad, because Disney and Fireworks go pretty much hand-in-hand. But, the projection was something special. Both productions had a message and I guess I must have jut identified more with Celebrate the Magic. Plus, it had a clip of Walt. And you know how I feel about Walt.

However, I have watched the new show online called Once Upon a Time, and it’s decent. I’m sure it will grow on me as I continue to watch it, but as of right now, it gets like a C. But that could be because of my bias. So to all of the others out there that are still pretty butt-hurt about these two phenomenal productions leaving – I completely understand. But. We must simply have courage and be kind and believe that the Disney Imagineers are not going to lead us down a road of awful animation and fireworks. They got us. That much I truly believe.

So, for the most part, this is all that is going to be implemented in the Orlando Parks this year. With the exception of Star Wars and Toy Story themed lands, everything is coming into play this 2017, but I include Star Wars and Toy Story because of their vertical construction happening this year and the loss of areas in Hollywood Studios.

Well that about wraps it up folks! Thanks for staying tuned with me!! Make sure to follow the blog page so you can get updates when I post new writings!

See Ya Real Soon!


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