Dream Big, Princess

Dream Big Princess Banner

So, I wanna talk about this campaign for a minute. It’s no secret that the Disney Princess always has gotten a bad rap on how dependent they are on a male rescuer, or how self-absorbed they are. My own sister is a proponent of these ideas and where I blame it on her Gender-Studies Minor from college, it also just has a lot to do with how society has belittled the princess’s stories down to just the face value story.


And I’m like:




Disney obviously is on my side because in February they launched their newest campaign – Dream Big, Princess. Since February, it has gone completely viral. From Instagram, to blogs, to commercials on Disney Channel and Disney Junior, it’s projecting the strength that each princess or heroine possesses in her own way. Showing that though these may be just stories, these are attributes you can have too. Kindness, courage, bravery, tenacity – are all types of strengths that all sorts of people have. Including Disney Princesses.

Their main point really is to promote what every other feminist has been promoting since the dawn of time. Girls can do anything. Whether you’re a princess, a student, a girl of color or different religion, YOU matter. YOU belong. YOU can dream as big as you want. YOU are a princess.

They also end up using a pretty dope song to go along with it, and I am including the link to the YouTube commercial here, but they use The Script featuring Will.I.Am’s “Hall of Fame”. Where it deliberately says that you can “be teachers, be politicians, be preachers, be champions”. They insinuate that no matter where you come from, or what gender you are, you can do whatever you want. You can change the world.

Disney morphs this in the traditional Disney-feel-good-way by saying that you can just be you and still be amazing and strong and beautiful. All you have to do is believe in yourself and your dreams. Which is insanely important for younger and older girls to associate with themselves (especially in this day and age). But what Disney also does, that I really appreciate, is that they make it okay for you to associate yourself with a specific princess. Each week on Instagram they show a different princess and a strong attribute that makes her a heroine that makes her able to do whatever she can to achieve her dreams and happiness.


Cinderella, for instance, gets a pretty harsh reputation for just going to the ball to get married. But that’s not how I see her at all. She stood up to her step-family by showing them mercy and kindness. She found happiness within herself and within a dreary world and believed in goodness and being courageous. One of my favorite quotes I have ever read is “Cinderella didn’t ask for a prince. She asked for a day off and a dress.” Which is true. Nowhere in the movie – live action or animated – did she express that she had to get to the ball because she needed to get married to the prince. Instead she just wanted to dance and have fun and not care about step-mothers and sisters and have the courage to defy her destiny.

Just this alone, along with the campaign allow me to further solidify my faith in Cinderella and the Disney Princess.


It’s okay to want to be a Disney Princess. It’s okay to want to be a Disney Prince. Just find strength in who you are and what you want to do.


You CAN do it.


Dream Big, Princess.



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