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Epcot is one big ball of fun – pun intended. As a personal preference of my family, we typically try and take two full days for this park. And as you all as my witness(es), there are still places and rides and areas I couldn’t tell you anything about. Believe me, I expect that to change in the very near future.

But enough about me for a bit. I’ve been MIA for a while on here because of various things, but if anything, I was gathering every ounce of info I could for you. Tips and tricks that others have. So, like I did with Magic Kingdom, I am going to split up the park into sections, and give the goods on each. If there are any notable dining, merchandise, or attractions, of course, I will be giving my 4 cents.


On To Tomorrow!!

Epcot: Test Track : These are the Disney Rides to Use Your FastPass+ on : TravelChannel.com

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Ellen’s Energy Adventure(No FP+) Take a journey through Ellen’s dreamworld as she and Bill Nye travel through time to discover the importance of fossil fuels and what energy means to the earth we live on. This is a slow dark ride that has audio animatronics – not exactly a thrill ride, or classic. I’d recommend this one to kids who need to get out of the sun or rain, or if your fast pass isn’t good for a good half hour or so. *this is NOT been proven, but it is rumored that this will be replaced by another ride soon* (Average Wait Time: 15 minutes)


Journey Into the Imagination With Figment(FP+) Ever wonder what that cute, purple and orange dragon had to do with Epcot and why he looks just so lovable? This small indoor ride takes you through some wacky stuff about using your imagination and, of course, who Figment is. This has a reputation on many Disney goers of being a little hokey, but I can’t really say because this is a ride I still have yet to go on. Again, this is a good ride for getting out of the rain, or if you are interested in Classic Disney history. *this has NOT been proven, but is rumored that this will be replaced by another ride* (Average Wait Time: 15 minutes)


Mission: Space(FP+) *Closed for Refurbishment* When you were a kid, did you ever dream of flying to the moon? Well, now is your chance! Mission: Space is one of my favorite thrill rides that Disney has to offer – just be careful to not ride on a full stomach! The ride uses the same type of technology that the astronauts use to train, you board a simulator and ride around Mars. There are two different levels of intensity for you to experience, but I would not recommend this to young kids, or anyone who has any inkling of motion sickness. (Average Wait Time: 30 minutes)

  • If you would rather not risk your chances of not being sick, you can skip the ride, but not the fun! On the other side of the ride is what they label as the Advanced Training Lab. This is home to a bunch of interactive space games that don’t require G-Force. As well as a fun Space themed playground for the little ones.


Spaceship Earth(FP+) In my opinion – one of Epcot’s most-missed classics. I say missed in a light sense, obviously you can’t miss Spaceship Earth….it’s literally the biggest landmark of the entire park. But what most people don’t realize is that there is a ride inside of the ball – or if they do, they pass it by. DON’T BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! It took me until my College Program in 2015 to realize that there is a ride inside of Spaceship Earth, and not only that, but it’s super cool! It’s a sit down ride that takes you through the entire history of technology and innovation. Sounds boring, but in typical Disney manner, is super cool. (Average Wait Time: 25 minutes)

  • Outside of the ride is an interactive area called Project Tomorrow full of games and activities that explore the phenomena of tomorrow and technology. Assemble a 3-D human body, go through a driving simulation, and see what kinds of medical breakthroughs are in our midst –as well as finding new ways to responsibly go about managing your power. This is a great indoor area for kids to play and recharge out of the heat.


The Seas With Nemo and Friends(FP+) Climb aboard your clammobile and travel through a real life aquarium with your beloved friends – Dory, Marlin, and, once you find him, Nemo! This ride is just one way to get into the huge aquarium that Epcot has to offer. The ride itself is pretty cool in design terms because of how they implemented the CG among the real life aquatic life. Taking it as it is, it’s not something to waste a FastPass on, but, it is a fun way to get you and your group ready for the amazing aquarium inside. I do highly recommend you take a couple hours inside of the aquarium. It’s beautiful, educational, and super fun to find hidden Mickey’s in! (Average Wait Time: 15 minutes)


Soarin’(FP+) This is an infamous long-wait ride. But for good reason. Soarin’ has been refurbished in 2016 to not just be Soarin’ (Over California), but to include the rest of the world – yes, really. This is one of my favorite rides of Epcot and possibly the whole resort. This is a not-to-miss, but if you are afraid of heights or prone to motion sickness, this isn’t going to be the ride for you. (Average Wait Time: 45-60 minutes)


Living With the Land – Inside the huge land pavilion is nestled a nice 20 minute water boat ride through Disney’s living laboratories and multi-media displays of all types of ecosystems. This is a good indoor ride for little ones, or escaping rain and heat. (Average Wait Time: 20 minutes)


Test Track(FP+) Take a ride in your own developed car! Go through trials to ensure the safety of your vehicle, learn about the building process, and the best part – a speed trial! This is a fun ride to do with a family, but often has a really long wait line (as all thrill rides do), so my recommendation is, if you really are into cars and speed, use one of your FastPass options for this! (Average Wait Time: 60 minutes)


Starting Nov. 8, you can enjoy Character dining throughout the day at Garden Grill with the additions of Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Feast Breakfast or Lunch! Served family style and all-you-care-to-enjoy, the menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner are inspired by the garden-grown theme of the Land at Epcot.

(Image not my own, gathered from Pinterest. Rights go to original owners)


There aren’t many options as far as cuisine goes for Future World part of Epcot, but there is at least one character dining option!


Electric Umbrella(Quick Service) Traditional Quick Service eatery with a technological flair ($ >15)

Fountain View(Quick Service) Your tomorrow’s coffee, today….aka, Starbucks ($ >15)

The Garden Grill(Table Service) In the Land Pavilion, nestled at the top of the stairs is a rotating dining option complete with Chip and Dale entertaining you while you eat the farm-fresh cuisine of the pavillion’s gardens. This option is popular among those with younger kids that want the character dining experience without the huge hubbub of Mickey and Minnie, or the price of the castle. ($$$ 35-60)


That’s all I believe is essential to Future World, and we will be back soon for Epcot’s main attraction – – World Showcase!



Future World is a hidden in plain sight gem. There are so many things to do and see and experience, that if you’re into exploring everything Disney, you just might want to take a good chunk out of your day to do just that in Future World. It has been rumored that Epcot – especially Future World, is going to be getting a huge facelift in the coming years. Now whether this is true or not, we’ll be seeing. But, for now, it’s still a lot of fun to explore what they have now!




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