The Girl Behind the Ears

All who come to this happy place – Welcome!

My name is Jess, for those who don’t know and this is a continuation of my very first blog that was started on blogspot around two years ago. Eventually I have noticed that I can’t really do everything I wanted to with that format, so I closed up shop and moved myself over here! You will find all my past posts here as well, and I will try and categorize them for you so you aren’t digging through nonsense to find what you came here for!

A bit more about me; I am a junior in college studying to become a communicator, and whatever that may bring me. I am a Disney College Program Alumni of Fall 2015 with hopes of returning for either another College Program the Fall of 2018 (after I graduate) or a Professional Internship, again, the Fall of 2018 – Which would be right after I graduate college.

I have been a lifetime lover of Disney, but most importantly, I have been a lifetime lover of Walt. In so many ways, Walt reminds me of my own grandfather, whom I love dearly, and though there may be bad things and mistakes Walt has done; it makes me love him more. He’s human. And he followed his dreams of making magic and happiness. And in my life, he definitely succeeded.

I won’t go into all the gory details about my life right now, but had it not been for the magic and wonder and hope (and faith, trust and pixie dust) that Walt laid out in his foundation, I may not be here today.

So, in all, this blog is going to be all about my musings related to Disney. I hope to create sub-series about each of the parks with their own tips and tricks as well as info about the College Program and the Professional Internship as I continue on to that road.

I hope you find your magic here, as I have found mine in all the blogs before me.

Have a Magical Day!!